Meet this 1960s throwback to Hawaii, by Hawaiian Airlines. This is a decorative pictorial map of the Hawaiian Islands produced by Hawaiian Airlines in the 1960s as part of a promotional travel pamphlet.

The map features long distance air routes labeled to the Mainland, to the "Orient” and the South Pacific as well as shorter inter-island routes. The distance between points, the time of air travel, and the model plane used. 

Each island is decorated with flowers, animals, people taking part in local activities, and various elements of Hawaiian culture. Similar to the Hawaiian Pineapple Company map of the 1930s this map features a pineapple on almost every island, indicating the location of various plantations. The sea is filled with marine life, shells, coral, and a variety of ships and boats representing culture, industry, and travel. A compass rose made up of four tiki men can be found in the top right portion of the map.

Dimensions: 11 x 16.5 inches (28 cm x 42 cm)

Condition: This map is in excellent condition. Bring a piece of vintage Hawaii to your home and have it framed up.