We're a New York-based lifestyle brand...

Founded in 2012 by Mike Arnot, Boarding Pass is now sold in 600+ retail stores worldwide, online at Boarding Pass NYC, and at our two stores (230 Mulberry Street in Manhattan, and 42 West Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn). From our original luggage tag to a full line of goods designed and made in the United States, our products are loved. With an office no bigger than a broom closet and a credit card, Mike opened up the digital doors to Boarding Pass. By the end of that first year, GQ Magazine had named Boarding Pass one its “Best” of 2012, and the company was featured in many blogs and magazines.

...with a travel aesthetic.

Boarding Pass encapsulates the lifestyle and travel aesthetic we've sought to create. We've crafted products that help you get where you're going with style, irrespective of whether that's an exciting trip to Japan or your dreaded Monday morning commute. We think our products help improve your quality of life, get you noticed for your style, and keep you organized.

We craft high-quality products, and all USA-made...

We work with manufacturers in 16 different states to bring you high-quality, affordable products, always USA-made. We work with leather, brass, cement, canvas, twill, nylon, and wood. Our grooming line is all-natural, with no bad stuff. We use our products daily.

...And we've been widely featured in the media, for good reason.

As GQ Magazine wrote: "Think the handmade, quality connotations of brands like Filson with the modern sensibilities of a Jack Spade."

Or Gear Patrol: "Boarding Pass designs products that anyone would be lucky to count as his own, all made by men and women who know how to craft the old fashioned way - really well."

Or Men's Journal: "...Perfect for the gym or a long weekend, and it's priced right. Buy two."

(We're blushing.) Read more about what the press says, here.

When You Need a Gift for Your Hosts...

The savvy guest needs a clever gift for their weekend hosts, for example. Our desk or bar accessories are perfectly priced and suited for gift-giving. We believe this is part and parcel with the lifestyle we've sought to create for ourselves: we make things we'd love to receive! Boarding Pass is about the sophistication that comes from being open to the world, organized, and stylish too. We think your hosts will appreciate their gift from Boarding Pass.

...Or a product that will help you get there.

We dream up products every day to make your day better. Get in touch if you've got something you've always wanted to make, but aren't sure how to make it.

...Crafted by our team.

We are a small but dedicated team based in Brooklyn, New York and at our Manhattan retail store. Some of our team have been with Mike since the very beginning. From creatives to crafters, we've got a tight team that punches above its weight. Stop in for a visit at 42 West Street anytime.