Bags for the dog days of summer.

We're a travel lifestyle brand for all of your journeys.

Boarding Pass is devoted to creating bags that not only look great, but that are ready for your next adventure — wherever, whenever.

About Boarding Pass NYC

For all of your journeys

Boarding Pass is a New York-based travel lifestyle brand that thoughtfully designs and creates reliable travel bags and accessories for the modern traveler. We‘re devoted to creating products that not only look great, but that are ready for your next adventure — wherever, whenever.

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Why our bags?

Duffel Bags made to last.

Boarding Pass has been making duffel bags, briefcases, shaving kits and weekender bags since 2012 with the highest quality materials. They are truly made to last. But you don't have to take our word for it. The style gurus at places like GQ Magazine, The New York Times and Vanity Fair have given their vote of confidence. And of course, there are more than 100,000 customers out there exploring the world with our products in hand.

About Our Duffel Bags

Our Famous Custom Luggage Tags

Your name: The most important words in the English language.

Boarding Pass has long been known for its custom leather luggage tags, hand debossed into premium leather for a personal touch. These luggage tags have traveled around the world.

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We're blushing.

"An arsenal of perfectly designed goods." - GQ Magazine

"A glimpse of items you only thought you could live without." - The New York Times

"Boarding Pass designs products that anyone would be lucky to count as his own, all made by men and women who know how to craft the old fashioned way — really well." - Gear Patrol

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Our Journeys

The Story Behind Our Famous Luggage Tags

The Story Behind Our Famous Luggage Tags

Boarding Pass is known for our famous luggage tags. Stamped by hand, there is something amazing about seeing your name on something so permanent. I spotted them after a friend sent me one. I asked for one right away. The moment it showed up in my mailbox, I was amazed....

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A Vintage Airline Poster, Restored

A Vintage Airline Poster, Restored

72 degrees and sunny This original, vintage poster is an homage to all thing California—north and south. You'll spot the Hollywood Bowl, Capitol Records, movie lighting, the Golden Gate bridge and happy people. 72 and sunny, as it were. The poster was created in 1960 by American artist Peter Boyle, for...

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The History of the Duffel Bag

The History of the Duffel Bag

Durable, practical, world-ready. Mike Arnot is the founder of Boarding Pass NYC and a travel writer for publications including The New York Times. I've got some experience with duffel bags.  My first duffel bag was issued to me as an officer cadet in the army. I had just turned 18—a man...

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