Times Square, by David Klein, for TWA. Circa 1960s, this is Broadway at night, by famed artist David Klein. This is a gorgeous example of art meets commerce. 

It is ready for display at your home or office, with the traveler in mind. This is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, and not a reproduction. There is only one like this available, and they are difficult to find.

The art was designed by famous airlines art designer David Klein, in the 1960s.

These fragile travel posters are from an era long past, one where traveling to New York by plane was a large part of the adventure. People used to dress up in their finest clothes for the privilege of air travel.

This art is linen-backed with a natural wheat paste, onto acid free paper and 15 oz. #10 cotton duck canvas to enhance and preserve its value. The backing provides structure to otherwise fragile paper, and the process greatly slows down the aging of the poster. The process is fully reversible, hence archival, and no toxic, acidic or chemical agents are used. The art was then framed in a black gallery grade, slim-faced, contemporary décor frames made under Berne Convention and UCC practices.

Important note: At some point in the chain of ownership, some admirer had this poster pinned to their wall. College dorm. Bedroom. Basement cave. Then, likely, the pins ripped the poster. They solved this rip not with archival skills but simply by slicing off the top portion of the poster, to remove an airplane that should normally appear. So it goes. "Solved!". Unfortunate, but in our view, still a fine example of this hard-to-find piece.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, and not a reproduction.