San Francisco, for United Airlines. From 2001, you'll note the modern rendition of the United Airlines logo, but a painting that's an homage to vintage style. This poster was released in limited quantities in 2001, and like all things from 15 years ago, they are hard to find. The poster is 28" high and 22" wide. 

There is only one like this available.

This art was hand-selected by us. It is linen-backed with a natural wheat paste, onto acid free paper and 15 oz. #10 cotton duck canvas to enhance and preserve its value. The backing provides structure to otherwise fragile paper, and the process greatly slows down the aging of the poster. The process is fully reversible, hence archival, and no toxic, acidic or chemical agents are used.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, and not a reproduction.

Celebrate San Francisco, with this perfect piece of art for your home.