1. It smells fantastic.

YOU DIRTY DOG is the result of four years of work on scent and formulation. That shave cream you bought at Walgreens smells like an overpowering synthetic flower; it's a fail. Not YOU DIRTY DOG. Our fragrances contain essential oils, distillates and isolates from natural sources. Our Face Wash features eucalyptus, which is a fresh way to start the day. (We keep it in the shower.) Our Shave Cream adds a dollop of cedarwood and balsam pine to the eucalyptus. Our Aftershave Moisturizer is very lightly scented with eucalyptus so as not to irritate. We aimed for goldilocks here, and succeeded.

2. Our grooming line is all-natural, and all good stuff.

YOU DIRTY DOG is formulated only with ingredients that are extracted or derived from natural sources. Cosmetic grade, they are free of phthalates and parabens. Our products contain recognized broad-spectrum preservative systems for optimum product and consumer safety, free of parabens and formaldehyde donors. Our products do not contain sulfates, mineral oils, petrolatum, parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde-releasers. This is very important. Get educated, and read the labels of your grooming products.

3. Light on your skin, each tube contains more than 160 uses.

Our Shave Cream is purposely light. Most shave creams leave a residue in their desire to out-thick the competition. It's overkill. Worse, it will clog your razor leading to cuts and nicks, and not a close shave. Our Shave Cream is crafted with aloe to soothe, sunflower seed oil to lubricate and soften, shea butter to hydrate, and hydrolyzed oats to smooth your skin. Our aftershave moisturizer is crafted with aloe, allantoin, and arnica montana flower extract to soothe; shea butter to hydrate; and grapeseed oil to protect. A small dollop goes a long way. Each tube has more than 160 uses.

4. Focuses on the essentials: Wash, Shave, Finish Up.

You're a busy guy. You may not have time to putz around with beard oil. Our grooming line focuses on the essentials: Wash, Shave, Moisturize. We keep our Face Wash in the shower for easy access. (You can use it as body wash, too.) Once we're clean and out of the shower, with our pores opened and beard soft, we'll apply a light layer of shaving cream for the next step. An unclogged razor shave later, we apply our soothing moisturizer--a small drop--and we're off to seize the day.

5. Our grooming set is our fastest selling product since its launch in September 2016. That means something.

Get all three products from YOU DIRTY DOG in one convenient kit, priced at $49.50. A nice little gift for yourself, it also features operating instructions, to tell you exactly how much product to use, and how to give yourself a tight little shave. Focus on the essentials, and give YOU DIRTY DOG a go.