1. Our duffel bags. Such an easy win for a birthday gift.

Well-made, affordably priced, our canvas duffels are an easy, stylish birthday gift for a guy. There's a good reason we've sold thousands, and they've been featured in GQ Magazine. It's a foolproof birthday gift.

birthday gift duffel bag

2. Send him an easy grooming routine.

Guys need a bit of help when it comes to grooming, and we like to keep it simple. Check out our YOU DIRTY DOG kit that includes a face wash, shave cream, and aftershave moisturizer. It's light, all-natural, and best of all, smells great. A fresh dose of eucalyptus. We use it every day.

groomsmen grooming

3. A new brief, and a stylish one at that

We designed our FLIGHT brief with premium materials: waxed canvas to be waterproof, premium leather to mold to you hand. It's a gorgeous bag, well-reviewed by GQ Magazine. A man will appreciate the tight style upgrade.

birthday gift for man

4. A proper shaving kit bag never fails.

We've helped a lot of guys dump their plastic ziplock bag, in favor of a proper shaving kit bag. It makes for an easy birthday gift for guys.

birthday gift ideas

5. Coasters made with the same leather as an NFL football. Cool.

What better to place a beer down onto than the very same leather as an NFL football. These coasters look good, no matter what team you cheer for.

birthday gift cool

6. Guys geek out on how it's made.

Line-drawn images of the inner workings of the Space Shuttle, Boeing 737, Mercedes-Benz, and Rolex watch look great on the wall. Plus, a special print showing how whiskey moves from grain to bottle. Framed or unframed.

Men's Birthday Gift Ideas