What to Look For in a Men’s Weekender Bag

What to Look For in a Men’s Weekender Bag

You’re taking off for the weekend? Whether it’s a one-off trip or a monthly business trip, having a men’s weekender bag that’s made specifically for the task will make a world of difference. Here’s what to look for when selecting the perfect weekender bag.

Is Your Bag Sized Right?

There’s nothing that’ll get a weekend off to a bad start like lugging around a heavy, awkward suitcase. Avoid the hassle and get a men’s weekender bag that fits just enough stuff to keep you happy. The right men’s weekend bag will be sized just right for three or four days worth of stuff, it should be compact and comfortable to carry. You’ll want something roomy enough to fit everything you’ll need on your weekend away, but still small enough to bring as a carry-on. A good weekender won’t weigh you down whether you’re navigating a crowded airport or a quaint town upstate. For maximum comfort in carrying, check that your bag is outfitted with leather handles and a thick canvas strap.

Is Your Bag Stylish?

Any bag you carry should make you proud to carry it. We love the look of gorgeous waxed canvas combined with leather on a bag. The waxed canvas is sleek looking and will develop character over time. A mark of high-quality leather is that it will darken with age, adding a sophisticated look to a men’s weekender bag. Bonus points will always be awarded to a bag that looks great and just keeps looking better with age. The right color is also important in a bag; we recommend sticking to conservative colors that will look good with whatever you have on. Conservative doesn’t have to mean boring however, a cool conservative color will pop when pitted against gorgeous leather accents for contrast.

Is Your Bag Made for Maximum Durability?

You want a weekender bag that you can fill to burst, without it bursting. Your bag needs to be made from tough materials and built to last. Waxed canvas has been used for centuries and is renowned for its durability. It won’t wear out. It can also always be rewaxed, so it won’t lose its sheen or water-proof capability. Bags commonly fall apart at stress points, such as where the strap connects to the bag; to avoid this problem, look for a weekender that is solidly stitched and that uses quality hardware, brass or nickel for example. A cheap zipper is another common flaw to look out for. When shopping for a bag that’ll last, make sure the zipper is YKK brand, they’re the most dependable by far. When you’ve made sure you’re investing in a well-made bag made from great materials, you’re sure to have a bag that will stand the test of time.