What cute little koalas.

This is an extremely rare, verified original, and famous travel poster promoting Australia and Qantas — and some furry friends. It is ready for display at your home or office, with the aficionado of all things Australia and Qantas, and jet-setting in mind.

The art was originally created for Qantas by Harry Rogers, an Australian-born artist. He designed the Qantas typeface and enjoyed a long association with the airline from down under. Rogers used a varied of techniques, including collage and use of shapes. Most often, his art reflected an animal of the destination country — in this case, Koalas, the patron saint of Australia. 

This is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, and not a reproduction.

It measures 30x40 inches, the larger size of these types of Qantas posters.

There is only one like this available.

These fragile travel posters are from an era long past, one where traveling with Qantas by plane was a large part of the adventure. People used to dress up in their finest clothes for the privilege of air travel.

This art was hand-selected by us. It is linen-backed with a natural wheat paste, onto acid free paper and 15 oz. #10 cotton duck canvas to enhance and preserve its value. The backing provides structure to otherwise fragile paper, and the process greatly slows down the aging of the poster. The process is fully reversible, hence archival, and no toxic, acidic or chemical agents are used. 

There is only one like this available. Will it be yours?