How to Upgrade Your Look With Stylish Duffle Bags

How to Upgrade Your Look With Stylish Duffle Bags

Does your gym bag look like a gym bag? If so, you’re already off the mark. Stylish duffle bags will make all the difference in your look.

Is this your current gym bag?

Is the bag you carry around everyday made from plastic and polyester? We can imagine, cracking plastic, droopy polyester, tacky logo. Sure, it’s just your gym bag, but it’s bringing down your entire look.

What’s wrong with this look?

When you’re commuting everyday to the gym and to work, who knows who you could run into? When you’ve invested so much time and energy into having a professional style, why drag it down with a cheap-looking bag? You take care to clean up and look good when leaving the gym, you should have stylish duffle bags that look as good as you do.

How to upgrade your gym bag

Choose the right materials

  • Pick canvas over polyester: You don’t want your bag to be advertising your smelly gym clothes, you want it to be discreet and as stylish as you are.
  • Choose leather for a comfortable grip: Less is more in this case, too much leather on a gym bag would be unnecessary, but having a leather grip on the handles can make a world of difference in carrying comfort.

Choose the right colors

Conservative colors are appropriate for carrying with you daily. You don’t want to be embarrassed by a tacky bag, but your bag shouldn’t be the focal point of your corporate look either. Get stylish duffle bags that are understated in colors that will go with your business attire.

Get a bag that lasts

  • Durable canvas will outlast any polyester bag. Look for canvas duffle bags made from 100% two-ply cotton, it’s a heavy-weight fabric that is tightly woven to ensure its durability.
  • Make sure the base of the bag is even tougher than the body. If you’re hitting the gym daily, your bag is hitting the ground all day long and, if it’s not well made, the base will be the first thing to wear out. A solid duffel with a Cordura ballistic nylon base won’t wear out even with intense daily use. The Cordura ballistic weave, used in military body armor, is twice as durable overall when compared to other luggage fabrics and is exceptionally resistant to abrasion and tears.