How to Shop for a Canvas Briefcase

How to Shop for a Canvas Briefcase

Are you starting a brand new office job? Got a big promotion to corporate? You know you’ll be needing a top quality briefcase, but if you’re not sure what to look for to ensure durability, functionality, and style, fret not. We’ll lay out the what’s-what of briefcases so you don’t have to risk it.

First things first, and we can’t stress this enough, don’t waste time or money on briefcases made from low-quality materials. This bag is going to be at your side 9-5, Monday to Friday, working as hard as you are, so don’t bother with a brief that’ll wear out in six months. For a long-lasting, trustworthy bag, choose a waxed canvas briefcase. Canvas has always been trusted as a durable material, used in the making of marquees, military gear, and even sails. Its tight weave means it’ll resist wear and tear while the waxed exterior makes it waterproof. You’ll want all the protection you can get for your valuable laptop and Ipad, so best to make sure you won’t be vulnerable on those rainy days.

Second, strike the right balance between durability and style. Your brief has to be just as stylish and appropriate for the office as your business attire. We love the look of leather, but an all-leather brief these days might make you look a bit slicker than necessary. Try out a canvas briefcase with leather accents, it’s a professional look with beautiful contrast.

Thirdly, an important factor to consider in a canvas briefcase is the size. You’ll want to look for flight briefs that are designed to hold just enough stuff for your workday or for a quick business trip. It’s crucial that they fit under the seat of an airplane, as you’ll need it to double as a carry-on bag.

Last but not least, pay attention to the pockets. Your briefcase needs to keep you organized throughout your busy day. Having crucial exterior pockets for your metro card or boarding pass can make all the difference in a smooth commute.


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