7 Graduation Gifts for Guys to Get Them Office-Ready

These graduation gifts for guys will have him looking good and keeping organized at work.

Hopefully, the college grad in your life is hitting the ground running. He’ll be straight off to work at a new job where he’ll need to stand out. This guide to graduation gifts for guys will have his work space looking good and staying impressively organized.

Hex Concrete Pen Cup: Every desk needs one, it’s the perfect catch-all for pens, markers, scissors or any other common desk tool. The Hex Pen Cup is made from rugged concrete, even though it looks smooth as ceramic.

Brass Business Card Holder: With this solid brass business card holder, the recent college grad is sure to make a good impression. It’s polished to a shine and is in a cool hexagon shape, it looks great and will give his business card the display it deserves.

Leather and Concrete Valet Tray: Have him looking smart right from the get-go with this valet tray made from smooth concrete and premium leather. It’s the perfect place to throw his keys, phone, and sunglasses when he comes into the office so that his desk stays organized and clutter-free. He’ll never lose his keys again!

Leather Desk Pad: This leather desk pad is great for use at home or at the office. It’s a simple way to designate a space for a laptop or for writing to keep it clear of clutter. The college grad will be happy to have a distraction-free space for work.

Another Great Idea Pen & Essential Notebook: This pair makes for great graduation gifts for a guy whose work isn’t always at a desk. If he’s one the move, he’ll need a pocket-sized notebook and a reliable pen to keep track of his work. The notebook has a cool cover and is made from durable kraft paper. The pen is a comfortable ball-point with the words “Another Great Idea” on the side. Great ideas are sure to follow.

Rolex Movement Print: Nothing adds flair to a room like putting some art up on the walls. This print makes a classy graduation gift for guys who want their office or studio space to look great.

Old Flames Candle: Another way to add a certain something to a work space, whether he’s working from home or in an office, is to make sure it smells great. The Old Flames candle has a musky sandalwood scent which will make sure the place is warm and inviting.


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