8 Gifts for Graduates That Will Spruce Up Their Space

These 8 gifts for graduates will take their home from bachelor pad to stylish studio.

If his space is still looking a little too much like a dorm room, you need to find him a gift that will take his style up a notch. These gifts for graduates are designed to help guys have a sharp-looking place that they feel at home in.

Boeing 373 Aircraft Print: A great way to have a sophisticated looking space is to throw some art up on the walls. This image of a Boeing 737 airplane looks slick and will go a long way in giving his place a mature and stylish vibe.

Leather Desk Pad: It’s important for any guy to have a place at home where he can sit down and get things done. This leather desk pad marks a place for just that. It’s perfect for designating a clean spot to put a laptop or it makes a comfortable surface for writing. Either way, it keeps a desk neat and clutter-free.

You Earned It Bottle Opener: A great graduation gift that is useful while also adding style to a home. Yes it’s a bottle opener, but it is so much more than a bottle opener. It’s a hefty half-pound of solid brass, polished to a shine, and finished with the words, “You Earned It”. After however many years of college, he sure did earn it.

Herringbone Leather Coasters: Herringbone is a classic weave for high-quality suits and the pattern looks no less fashionable on the coffee table. Give the recent graduate these herringbone patterned leather coasters to class up his living room.

Navy Striped Muddler: A great addition to any man’s bar, this is a muddler with a sporty feel. It’s crafted from American cherry wood to resemble the shape of a baseball bat. It’s the sturdiest muddler he’ll ever have.

OK Tokyo Limited Edition Photographic Print: This photographic print features an image of an available taxi sign on a busy strip in Tokyo at night. It’s a bold way to decorate a space and will look great on his walls.

Bottoms Up Shot Glasses: Frat boy or not, we’re sure that just because he graduated college does not mean the end of his tequila shot days is in sight. Give him something sturdy and classy to cheers with next time. These shot glasses are made exclusively in Brooklyn from stainless steel. Bottom’s up!

You Dirty Dog Laundry Bag: We just couldn’t make it through the list without mentioning this crucial factor in having a good-looking home… the laundry pile. Give the graduation gift that’ll encourage him to tackle that pile of laundry and look like a class act while doing it. This laundry bag is big enough for even the biggest procrastinator and it’s machine washable to keep it fresh.


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