8 Father’s Day Gifts for Dad That Will Spice Up His Home

Give your Dad the Gift of a Suave-Looking Space this Father’s Day

Gifts for dad are always hard to come up with. For Father’s Day, why not give him something special to spice up his space. He’ll love getting a gift that adds style to and makes him feel more at home in his space.

OK Tokyo Taxi Limited Edition Photographic Print: Here’s a great way to add something cool to a boring wall. This print is a museum-like quality image of a Tokyo taxi light at night. It looks great and your dad will love it.

Old Flames Candle: Every guy wants his space to smell great and your dad is no exception. Give him this soy wax candle that has a masculine woodsy scent with notes of bergamot and fir needles.

You Dirty Dog Laundry Bag: When it comes down to it, every guy needs a little encouragement to get that pile of laundry done, even your dad. This laundry bag is big enough to fit all the laundry he’s been putting off doing and it’s got a funny message screen printed on the side. It’s a cheeky gift, but we’re sure it’ll come in handy.

Stay Sharp Shaving Kit Bag: If your dad loves keeping his space organized, give him a Father’s Day gift that will help him keep all his grooming supplies in place, ready to go. This shaving kit bag is just the right size to throw some shaving cream, aftershave, and face wash into and has an easy to clean interior, in case anything spills or gets wet.

Striped Leather Coasters: These coasters are made from top-quality leather, are stamped with an eight ton press, and they make great gifts for dad. His coffee table or bar table will have an added touch of class with these leather coasters.

You Earned It Bottle Opener: This bottle opener serves a dual purpose, first and most importantly, it opens your dad’s beer. Second though, it’s a piece to put on display. It’s a hulking half-pound of solid brass that’s been polished to a shine and bears the words “You Earned It”.

Box o’ Balls: We know, a box o’ balls makes for a pretty funny gift for dad, but we’re pretty sure he’ll make good use of them. This box is full of Eastern Red Cedar balls, sustainably harvested in the United States. They absorb odors and leave dresser drawers or gym bags with a pleasant cedar smell.

Whiskey: Wood, Water, Grain Print: Give your dad a Father’s Day gift that is sure to jazz up his walls. This classy looking line-drawn print is a bold way to decorate and is sure to captivate anyone coming in as it depicts the journey that whiskey makes, from the barrel to your glass.


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