Best Design Gifts

Best Design Gifts

Mothers, wives, and girlfriends all agree, shopping for men is tough. Hell, most men will agree, shopping for themselves is tough. Though you may think it is because men don’t know what they want, we believe it’s a little different. Men know what they want, they’re just awfully specific creatures. Many of the best design gifts for men available aren’t all that interesting. That’s why we dedicated our time to designing gifts for men. Gifts, made great, that men want.

best design gifts

Well-Designed Gifts

What goes into a well-designed gifts for men? The first detail that, surprisingly, many companies may miss is functionality. Products that work all the time. Not just some of the time, but every single time you use them. Why give a man a bottle opener if it can barely open a bottle? Why give him a bag if it’s just going to fall apart in a few months? It’s surprising how little common sense is applied to products made for men. However, that’s what men love the most: common sense. Products that they need, that make sense to own, and work.

How we design gifts for men

The way we begin our process of creating products is by making a list of everything we own, everything we find necessary to our everyday life. This list typically spans about 50 to 100 items. Then, we look through those products and ask ourselves, first, do we really need this? Second, if so, how can we make this better, how can we maximize its functionality? Third, once we make it better, how can it inspire? And that’s where the cool comes from.

Men Love Cool Products

It’s true, men want products that are functional and make sense, but they also want them to be cool. This may come as a surprise, but men are not robots, they want to feel original, they want gifts that reflect their personality. Cool products, with interesting design aspects allow a man to own a product that works, but also helps him show off his preference to material, feel, and aesthetics. Just as everyone has a favorite color or a favorite musical genre, men are looking for products that they’re attracted to for more than functionality. While function is key, and all men look for that, it still needs to emotionally attract them. Whoa, did I just say emotion while referring to men? That’s right. Because men want to feel something with their products. We believe men want to feel happy, inspired, and motivated. Our process for making men’s gifts that inspire and motivate starts by focusing on products that get a man moving and keep him as efficient as possible: a long-lasting, high quality, duffel bag for example, or an accessories tray used for all the things men keep in their pockets. This makes the man able to move quickly through his day. If he has an idea and needs to run to the hardware store, he’s not spending ten minutes looking for his wallet then his phone, everything is in his accessories tray. He can grab his things then head right out the door. Next, we try to remind men of their greatness by leaving inspiring words on our products. So when he grabs his keys to run out the house, he’ll see the quote:


: best design gifts

What’s more inspiring than that? We can guarantee you, if a man sees that, he’ll think it’s pretty damn cool. When looking for a great gift to give a man, let our tips help get you something he not only needs, but wants. Functionality, made great, that inspires is the key to a well-designed gifts for men.

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