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Boarding Pass x JetBlue Explore America. First stop: Sunny LA.

Finally- the secret’s out! We’re excited to announce that jetBlue is Boarding Pass NYC’s 2018 sponsor. All year long we’ll be documenting our travels to jetBlue’s cross-country destinations in a series of experiences and contests called Explore America. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for details on our monthly flight certificate giveaways, @boardingpassnyc. Today I caught up with BP’s own Andrew Mitchell about the first destination we set off to explore: Sunny Los Angeles.

EG- So, jetBlue flew part of the Boarding Pass team to L.A. this weekend. What did you guys get up to out there?

AM- We headed out West for a photo shoot of our newest product--I can’t say too much about what this is yet, but stay tuned for details soon to come! Anyway, because we’re based in New York, going out to California allowed us the opportunity to change it up a little, produce a different vibe and aesthetic while also giving us a head start on summer material. Plus, ditching the 20 degree wet and cold streets of NYC for the warm and sunny beaches of LA is always welcome.

EG- Sounds like a welcome change of scenery to me. Any trip highlights you’d like to share?

AM- Well, even though it's LA, I was still nervous about having unruly weather during the shoot, so for me having great weather was one of my highlights. We've had one or two unlucky experiences with rain in the past so having nice sunny weather the entire shoot was a big relief. Outside of a successful shoot, it had been a few years since I had been in LA, so I tried to cram as much into a few days as possible. Maybe I'm taking an easy out here, but I had a great time at the Getty Museum. I only was able to spend a few hours there, which I split between the "Photography in Argentina" and the "Michelangelo to Degas" exhibits.

EG- Awesome. The Getty is always a good museum to check out when you’re out in LA. What about food- any standout restaurant experiences?

AM- I'm splitting my two favorite food spots up because I have to list at least one taco truck. We stayed in Venice, and luckily were able to swing by Gjusta Bakery one morning before traveling up the Coast past Malibu. Everything at Gjusta looked amazing, but I decided to stick to pastries. One baklava croissant, one tahini croissant, one blueberry doughnut, and one crunchy coffee donut split between two with cold brew to wash it all down. Everything was incredible, but the baklava croissant and coffee doughnut were standouts. Exciting side note--I heard that a Gjusta Bakery is opening in NoHo later this year. Now for tacos. Perhaps I made a cardinal sin, but I only ate at one taco truck this trip. With that said, I think Leo's Tacos Truck was a good choice. Tucked away in the parking lot of a Sinclair gas station off Venice Blvd., Leo's was packed with locals waiting for for their food. Not exaggerating--Leo's served up the best al pastor tacos I've ever had. Cut fresh off the spit and topped with juicy pineapple, radish, onion and salsa I could have eaten a dozen and been happy.

EG- Great recommendations, thanks for sharing! Want to leave us with your favorite quintessential SoCal excursion this trip?

AM- I really enjoyed getting to spend a little while by the water at Leo Carillo State Park just north of Malibu. A mix of beach and rocky coast, it was really nice to sit back, soak up the sun and watch a dance between surfers, seals and waves for a few hours. It's a great place to go for a small hike along the water, take in the views and remove yourself from the urban environment. Definitely a place I would recommend checking out next time you’re in the area.

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