You’re getting married. Awesome. Weddings are expensive, but your groomsmen gifts don’t have to be. Check out our guide to cool groomsmen gifts for under $50.

  1. Monogrammed Leather Keychain ($18): Get them a little something that’s personal and classy. These keychains won’t bulk up their keys, they’re made of high-quality leather, and are hand stamped with their initials. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a gift so affordable that’s also so personal.
  2. Essential Notebook ($7) and Another Great Idea Pen ($7): Give your groomsmen something they can keep handy to stay organized or just to jot down ideas here and there. These notebooks are passport sized so they’re easy to keep in a pocket and the ballpoint pen might just inspire some great ideas.
  3. Bottoms Up Shot Glasses ($29): These manly, stainless steel shot glasses make the perfect groomsmen gift for celebrating with the guys. At 29 bucks for a set of three, the price can’t be beat.
  4. Box o’ Balls ($9.95): Yeah, yeah, we know, a box o’ balls? But seriously, these balls are Eastern Red Cedar and they smell awesome. They’ll fix up any stinky gym bag or sock drawer. Your groomsmen will thank you, you’ll see.
  5. This Bag Is Not Yours Leather Luggage Tag ($26): Give a groomsmen gift that will set them apart. This tag is funny and it gets the job done. Nobody will mistake their bag for his.
  6. NBA Basketball Leather Coasters ($35): Perfect for watching the game with your buddies, these coasters are made from the same leather as an official NBA basketball. Game on!
  7. Brass Money Clip ($15): Want style without the price tag? These solid brass money clips will do the trick. They’re sleek and compact and will lend your groomsmen an air of class.
  8. You Earned It Bottle Opener ($29): When they toast to your marriage, have them open up the bottles with this brick of a bottle opener. Weighing in at a hefty half pound, this thing is one solid chunk of brass, but it won’t be costing you a solid chunk of change.