Stylish and Practical Laptop Bags for Men

Stylish and Practical Laptop Bags for Men

Laptop bags for men have become an essential accessory for everyone from the business elite to the freelancer. In this day and age, a man can barely leave the house without a laptop. Finding laptop bags for men that are stylish, comfortable, and functional has never been more important.

Fashionable Flight Briefs

In terms of style, we know the messenger brief is out. Go with something more classic, like a handheld briefcase, most will also have a shoulder strap option for added convenience. We love the sleek look offered by briefcases made with waxed canvas because your bag doesn’t need to look more formal than you do. Waxed canvas, as opposed to an all leather briefcase, is understated and unassuming while still looking proper and businesslike. Leather is still lovely however, and a few well-placed leather accents will never hurt your briefcase look.

Comfortable Commuter Bags

Comfort is a huge factor to consider when shopping for laptop bags for men. After all, this is a bag that you’ll be carrying day in and day out. This size of a briefcase will make all the difference here. Look for a bag that only allows for packing your workday essentials. You won’t want to be weighed down carrying too much. You’ll also want a slim, secure fit for your laptop, kindle, and/or smartphone. Another thing to think about is the handle of your brief. You’ll want something that feels good in your hand and molds to your grip. Look for good quality leather that will soften with use.

Practical Portfolios

As your primary work bag, your briefcase should come equipped with easy to access pockets that will keep you organized. Find a bag that is stylish without sacrificing functionality. Whether you’re taking the subway to work in the morning or hopping on a plane for an important business trip, we find that a front slip pocket is crucial for storing and easily accessing travel documents. Ideal flight briefs will also be perfectly sized for a carry-on. When shopping for a briefcase, you should remember to make protecting your belongings a priority. Look for laptop bags for men that feature durable materials and padded inside pockets to keep your laptop safe.

With these tips in tow, you’ll be sure to make a great choice when buying a men’s briefcase.


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