Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts? We’ve Got a Bag for That!

We’ve got great ideas for groomsmen gifts to give your on-the-go groomsmen.

By now, we’re sure your groomsmen have thoroughly proven themselves. They’re men who are busy, hard-working, and there for you every step of the way. Thank them with a thoughtful groomsmen gift that they’ll use everyday.

Work Hard, Play Hard Duffel: Is this the kind of guy who’s got a million and one places to be in a day but will still meet you to try on tuxes at the drop of a hat? This rugged yet stylish duffel might be just what he needs to get through his busy day. It’s tough canvas exterior will hold up no matter how much he uses it and its roomy interior will house all his gear, whether it’s gym clothes, suit jackets, or both.

Metro Waxed Backpack: If you think you're all out of ideas for groomsmen gifts, think again. You can keep your groomsmen looking stylish with this waxed backpack that doubles as a briefcase. From college to the office, this bag is versatile and tough.

Flight Brief: Did he take time out of a business trip to be there for you through your wedding? Give him a groomsmen gift that’ll make his next trip even easier with this waxed canvas flight brief. He can travel with his work seamlessly and look sleek while doing it.

Jet Set Shaving Kit Bag: The perfect groomsmen gift for a destination wedding, this shaving kit bag has a water-repellent waxed canvas exterior and a cool screen-printed interior image of JFK shot from overhead at night. Your groomsmen can throw their essentials in and be ready to go in moments.

Voyager Waxed Weekender: A gift that’ll have your groomsmen planning their own trips to rival your honeymoon. With this gorgeous weekender, they can pack everything they need for a trip with the bridesmaids…

Stay Sharp Shaving Kit Bag: These guys kept you sharp when you were really on edge, show them you appreciate it by gifting them these chic-looking shaving kit bags that’ll keep them organized everyday. They can keep their grooming essentials in them at home or throw them in a duffel to have on-the-go. A good groomsman should always be well-groomed, after all.