How to Give a Unique Father’s Day Gift that Shows You Care

These Unique Father’s Day Gifts Will Make Your Dad Smile

Need to redeem yourself for last year’s ugly tie? Wracking your brain for any Father’s Day gifts that go beyond the usual? Read this guide and let us show you that gift-giving for dads doesn’t have to be hard.

Give a gift that will change his life: Life-changing sounds a little intimidating, but a great father’s day gift really can change the way your dad goes about his day. Even if it’s a small improvement in his day-to-day routine, he’ll think of you every time he notices how much nicer he feels, or how much easier he can get things done. Put yourself in his shoes, how can you make something in his day smoother?

If he’s a guy who’s always running from one thing to the next, he might appreciate having a bag that’s big and tough enough to cart around all the gear he needs, without needing to stop in at home. He’ll love having a duffel that’s functional for his everyday bustle while still being stylish.

If your dad’s a 9-to-5er, improve his work day, everyday, with this unique accessories tray. He won’t believe how much of a change this simply tray can bring. First, it improves your dad’s desk with the chic look of concrete and leather, next it removes the daily hassle of cluttered pockets or misplaced keys. Now your dad can come in to work, throw his keys, cell phone, or anything else he keeps on hand into the tray and not worry about misplacing them.

How about shaving? Take a routine that might not be particularly enjoyable and bring it up to a comfortable, luxurious ritual. For Father’s Day, give your dad a grooming set that will transform how he feels about shaving. He’ll love the smell and feel of this top-notch face wash, shaving cream, and aftershave. It’s something he’s gotta do anyways, so he might as well enjoy it.

Find something really unique: A great Father’s Day gift is something you would never think to buy for yourself, something that is really out of the ordinary. If the reason you’re reading this in the first place is because you can’t think of anything unique, fear not. We’ve got a few unexpected Father’s Day gifts up our sleeves that we’re sure he’ll think are really neat.

A dual-purpose gift for the sports-fan or the bar-man, this cherry wood muddler is something your dad will use time and time again when he’s whipping up his signature cocktail. It’s a great addition to any bar, as it looks like a baseball bat, and will make his mojitos a home run.

If your dad’s most prized possessions are his passport stamps, give him the gift of whipping out his passport in style. He’ll stay organized while he’s en route and will love turning heads when he shows up at the gate with this leather passport wallet.

It’s a little cheeky, but your dad will love keeping his space smelling fresh with this box o’ balls. It’s a box full of sustainably harvested Eastern Red Cedar balls that are great for absorbing odors and giving off a woodsy fragrance. His drawers will smell fresh and he can have a chuckle at the name.

Give your dad a gift that will set his bag apart whether he’s on a business trip or just his daily commute. This classy luggage tag is made from high quality leather, comes with a stainless-steel cable clasp, and is embossed with a funny line, This Bag is Not Yours. It’s sassy and it gets the message across.

Run with his interests and up his game: Think about your dad’s interests and give him a unique father’s day gift that will enhance how he partakes in them.

If he loves drinking beer, why not give him the tools to learn all about how it’s brewed, get familiar with some craft ales, and have his very own home tasting with the Beer and How to Enjoy It kit. He’ll have fun trying new beers from his new mug and learning a thing or two about his favorite beverage.

If your dad is the kind of guy who likes watching the football game with his buddies, why not give him a little something extra to talk about when he throws these coasters on the coffee table. They’re made of the the very same leather as an official NFL football and it feels great to slam a beer down on ‘em.

Does your dad love to travel? If he’s always coming up with the next weekend getaway, why not take his style to the next level with one of these classy, waxed canvas weekender bags. He’ll love having a bag that’s waterproof and big enough for whatever he has planned, while still being stylish. He can go straight from his business meeting to the train station with this bag.

Personalize it: An easy way to make a father’s day gift really unique and special? Have it engraved or embossed especially for him. Customization takes any gift to the next level. He’ll love that you took the extra time and thought to have it made just for him.

Make your dad stand out at his next suit and tie affaire with a custom silver tie bar that you have engraved with this name, initials, or title.

Have your dad looking high-class when he reaches for the check and pulls out his customized brass money clip. Not only will he love the added ease of carrying only the essentials, he’ll love that his new money clip was personalized just for him.

Collar stays are a unique and personal gift for dad, as you can have them engraved with a little message that he’ll keep tucked into his collar. He’ll look extra sharp with these collar stays reminding him of how much you care.