How to Find Great Mens Carry On Bags

How to Find Great Mens Carry On Bags

Airline travel is often a stressful experience, but it doesn’t need to be. Rushing to catch a connecting flight while lugging around a heavy suitcase can make anyone feel flustered. Instead, plan ahead and shape your travel experience by using the right mens carry on bags for the job.

Carry On Bags for Business

When travelling for business or a very short stay, a briefcase is truly the ideal mens carry on bag. If you’re prone to overpacking, the briefcase works wonders, as its physical design won’t allow for any excess. It will easily house your laptop, charger, and books along with wallet, headphones and a smart phone, all the essentials. To make your time in the airport as easy as possible, get a briefcase with a tight exterior pocket, perfect for slipping your passport into without fear of it falling out or getting lost.

Carry On Bags for the Overnight Trip

For an overnight stay, we find that a canvas duffle bag makes for a great carry on. It’s just large enough to pack in everything you’ll need for a couple nights away while still being small enough to fit under or over a standard airline seat. You can avoid the hassle and stress of digging around for your travel documents while rushing to the gate by finding a bag with well placed and sized pockets to keep you organized. Having a zippered pocket on the interior of your duffel will keep your valuables safe and easy to find while a couple non-zippered pockets are handy to slip your phone into, for example, to keep it handy and easy to access.

Carry On Bags for a Weekend Away

For a slightly longer stay, say for a long weekend, the most important feature to look for in mens carry on bags will be the size. You’ll need a mens weekend bag that can accommodate all the items you’ll want with you while not being too clunky or awkward to carry. Look for a bag with leather handles and grips for added comfort in carrying. Your weekender bag should be made from durable materials that you trust, to give you peace of mind as you pack.