Groomsmen Gifts Ideas: Suave Swag to Send Your Groomsmen

Need to come up with great groomsmen gifts? Ideas are hard to come up with. Check out these 9 amazing groomsmen gifts ideas to thank them on your special day.

We all know weddings don’t just come together overnight, but now your groomsmen especially know! Show the guys who have been there for you through the whole journey how much you really appreciate them with these 9 slick groomsmen gifts.

You Earned It Bottle Opener: You can say that again - these guys have really earned it! Give them the gift of this heavyweight, solid brass bottle opener to pop open some cold ones at the reception.

Personalized Money Clip: Take a minute to have one of these solid brass or sterling silver-plated money clips engraved with your groomsmen’s initials, a personalized groomsmen gift really shows you care.

Calm, Cool and Collected Comb: They kept you calm, cool and collected on the way to your wedding, now it’s your turn to take care of them. They’ll keep lookin’ good with this comb.

Monogrammed Leather Key Chain: Add flair to your gents’ keys with these hand-stamped leather key chains.

Bottoms Up Shot Glasses: These shot glasses are Brooklyn-made, stainless steel, and ready to get any party started. It’s too bad your groomsmen didn’t have a set of these for the bachelor party… On second thought, maybe it was for the best.

“Stay Sharp” Brass or Stainless Steel Collar Stays: What better to give the guys that kept you sharp on your way to the aisle than these engraved “Stay Sharp” collar stays. You and your groomsmen will keep looking good for many years to come.

Navy Striped Cherry Wood Muddler: A cool, sporty addition to any guy’s bar, this muddler is made to look like a baseball bat and will help make your groomsmen’s cocktails a home run.

Sterling Silver Golf Divot Tool: If your buddies like to hit the golf course, try sprucing up their game with this sharp sterling silver golf divot tool.

Pure Sterling Silver Tie Bar: For a really classy gift that will give your groomsmen a step up in style, pass out these pure sterling silver tie bars.


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