Great Groomsmen Gifts to Add Style to Their Home

Give Them Something To Carry Over the Threshold, Too

Every guy wants to have a place that reflects their style and makes them feel at home; your groomsmen are no exception. These gents worked hard to get you down the aisle, give them a stylish gift that’ll make their space look hip. This is a guide to great groomsmen gifts that will add class and personality to a man’s space.

Herringbone Leather Coasters - available in black or tan: These coasters are made from top quality leather and imprinted with a herringbone pattern, a classic weave for great-looking suits. Whether or not your groomsmen sported herringbone at the wedding, these coasters will look sharp in their homes.

You Earned It Bottle Opener: This solid brass bottle opener is not the kind of thing you throw in a drawer. It’s an imposing, impressive utensil that adds even more satisfaction to opening that after-work beer. It makes a great groomsmen gift for a guy who will appreciate it for it’s practicality and style.

Stay Sharp Shaving Kit Bag: This one’s a no-brainer, it’s a gift that will come in handy for any man. Give the guys in your wedding party this sleek shaving kit bag and help them keep their grooming products organized, whether at home or on-the-go.

Box o’ Balls: It sounds funny, but we’re serious, give your groomsmen a box of balls. Look, these balls are 100% Eastern Red Cedar, they smell amazing and effectively absorb odors. They’re great for throwing into dresser drawers or gym lockers. ‘Cause who doesn’t need to freshen up from time to time?

Rolex Movement Print: A classy, line-drawn image of the inner workings of a Rolex will spice up anyone’s home. Show your groomsmen your thanks by adding this print to their art collection.

You Dirty Dog Laundry Bag: Let’s be honest guys, who doesn’t need a little encouragement to get that heap of laundry done. This big laundry bag is made of tough canvas and is guaranteed to help your groomsmen finish their chores and get onto bigger, better things.

Old Flames Candle: Appropriately named, on your wedding day give your groomsmen the gift of Old Flames, a candle that will have their place smelling great. It totes a musky and masculine scent with notes of cedar and bergamot. Trust us, they’ll thank you.

Aircraft Junkyard Limited Edition Photographic Print: This sharp-looking photographic print is sure to add a touch of class to anyone’s home. Seen from above, it’s a look at the final resting place of hundreds of aircrafts in southern California. It’s a bold way to decorate a space that the guys in your wedding party will love.


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