Top 9 Graduation Gifts for Him

Got a guy who loves to travel? We’ve got the best graduation gifts for him.

Graduation is a turning point in every man’s life. Maybe a new career full of business trips awaits him or maybe he’ll take the year off to see the world, but either way he loves to travel. Get the graduation gifts for him that will send him off in style.

Hey Handsome Shaving Kit Bag: A shaving kit bag is the perfect accessory for staying organized, whether it’s at home or on the go. He can keep all of his grooming supplies neatly inside it at home then quickly toss it into his bag if he’s heading out on a trip.

Leather Passport Wallet: This is the kind of accessory that will really take his style up a notch. He’ll use it while en route to keep his passport, boarding pass, and customs card handy, but the real magic happens when he turns heads of passengers and flight attendants alike by pulling out this slick leather passport wallet at the gate.

Voyager Waxed Weekender: If he’s always travelling but sick of carting around his old suitcase, these gorgeous weekenders make great graduation gifts for him. With this bag he can look ultra-stylish without sacrificing the room or practicality of a suitcase.

Custom Bag Tags: One guaranteed way to set him apart on his travels is to give him his very own set of custom luggage tags. They’re made of stunning leather from one of America’s oldest tanneries, Wickett and Craig, and they’re hand dyed and stamped to include his name and address. They’ll really make his bag stand out.

Boeing 737 Essential Notebook: If he’s always busy planning his next trip, he’ll need this handy notebook to record boarding times or hotel information. Plus, it’s the size of a passport, so he’ll already be used to carrying it with him.

Personalized Money Clip: Whether he’s on vacation or a business trip, help him travel light. Give him the gift of a personalized money clip and he’ll be able to leave the wallet at home and carry only the essentials. He’ll love the freedom.

Work Hard, Play Hard Duffel: If he’s always on the move, these duffel bags would make great graduation gifts for him. They’re tough and practical enough for him to take with him to practice and they’re stylish enough to carry with him throughout the day.

Jet Set Shaving Kit: Here’s the perfect thing to get your grad who loves to travel packed and ready to go in no time. It’s a waxed canvas shaving kit big enough to fit all his grooming products but small enough to throw into his bag for a weekend trip.

Premium Leather Journal: When he’s travelling, he’ll want to remember every minute of it. Give him this leather-covered journal so he can keep a log of his trips and relive the moments in the years to come. Its leather cover ensures that it’ll survive being thrown into his bags and taken wherever he goes.