9 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad to Jazz Up His Office

This guide to gift ideas for dad that will revolutionize his workspace this Father’s day.

Does your dad live that 9 to 5 lifestyle, spending all his time behind a desk? Or is he always in his home office sketching out his next project? Either way he’ll need his workspace to be functional and he’ll want it to be stylish. We’ve come up with tons of great gift ideas for dad that will spice up his office.

Leather and Concrete Valet Tray: What’s the first thing a guy does when he comes into work? Throws the contents of his pockets on his desk. For Father’s Day, give your dad a gift that will keep his desk organized from the second he walks in the door. This classy looking leather and concrete valet tray is a designated place for him to throw his keys, wallet, phone, and whatever else is cluttering up his pockets. His desk will be orderly and he’ll never worry about misplacing his essentials.

Brass Hexagon Business Card Holder: The first thing a client notices when they come into an office should be a sharp-looking business card. Give your dad this solid brass business card holder to make his business card really stand out.

Hex Concrete Pen Cup: If you feel like you’ve run out of good gift ideas for dad, this is the kind of thing that will always come in handy. No desk is complete without a whole slew of writing utensils and other tools, so your dad will inevitably need a place to put ‘em. This pen cup looks sleek like ceramic but is actually made out of a special mix of cement. It adds organization and style to any desk.

Rolex Movement Print: Nothing says class like a Rolex. Nothing adds class to a space like hanging up a nice print. Give your dad a Father’s Day gift that will spruce up his office walls.

Old Flames Candle: If your dad is seeing clients all day, or if he just wants to add a nice ambiance to his office, this candle makes a great gift. It gives off a subtle and masculine scent of cedar, musk, and sandalwood.

Leather Desk Pad: It helps to have a designated space for everything when you’re trying to keep a space organized. This leather desk pad is great for doing just that while also looking stylish. It’s a perfect place holder for your dad’s laptop and it also keeps it from sliding around. When he’s not typing, this leather desk pad makes a much more comfortable surface for writing.

Hex Brass Pen Holder: This is the kind of desk accessory that really makes an impression. It’s made from solid brass and is polished to a shine. It’s a perfect fit for pens or sharpies. Your dad will love having his desk stay organized and looking good.

Another Great Idea Pen: Sometimes all you need to get the creative flow going is a good quality pen. This ballpoint pen is American made and is sure to inspire some great ideas.

Premium Leather Journal: A beautiful addition to your dad’s desk, work bench, or bedside table. This journal has a leather cover that will keep it intact no matter how thrown around it gets. He’ll think of you anytime he reaches for it to jot down an idea.


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