Duffle Bags for Men: What to Look For and What to Buy

Duffle Bags for Men: What to Look For and What to Buy

Whether you’re heading to work out, need a bag for the commute, or you’re away for the weekend, here are some tips on finding great duffle bags for men.

We bet we know what kind of duffel bag you’re using now

We’re picturing plastic and polyester with a cheap zipper, not far off, are we? We understand, maybe you won it in a raffle? These bags might be fine at first but inevitably they crack and end up looking terrible. Even if it is only your duffel bag, it ends up affecting your entire style.

Why be concerned about your duffel bag style?

Your morning commute is prime time to be running into co-workers, superiors, and clients. You wouldn’t want a tacky bag ruining the business-professional look you’ve carefully cultivated. If it’s important to you that you look your best, your bag shouldn’t detract from that.

How to choose stylish duffle bags for men

Pick high-quality fabrics

  • A polyester duffel bag practically broadcasts your workout wear to the room. Instead, choose a canvas duffle bag that looks much more subtle. Canvas is a step up in style from polyester while also beating it in durability; you’ll have a bag that looks good and that you can use for longer.
  • A little leather goes a long way. Of course, duffle bags for men don’t need to be made fully of leather, that would be overkill, but having leather handle grips on a duffel can really improve the comfortability of carrying the bag.

Pick colors that will match

When buying duffle bags for men, remember that they’ll be carrying it daily and so it should be in a neutral color to match any professional outfit. No one wants to be ashamed of the bag they’re carrying, nor do they want a bag that out-shines them. Choosing a neutral color will insure that his duffel flows seamlessly with any outfit.

Value durability over a low price tag

  • The fact is that polyester bags will not last as long as rugged canvas bags. While shopping, be on the lookout for duffel bags using 2 ply, one hundred percent cotton canvas, it’s a sturdy, tight-weave fabric that is ultra-durable. It may cost more than polyester but will last much longer.
  • The bottom of the bag matters too. When you spend all day throwing your duffel bag down, you have to ensure that the bottom of the bag can withstand even more stress than the rest of the bag. A good tough fabric like Cordura nylon should do the trick. This fabric boasts a ballistic weave and is twice as dependable against rips and scrapes than other similar fabrics.