12 Gift Ideas for Groomsmen that are 100% Bride Approved

It is her day after all. Get bride approval on all your gift ideas for groomsmen, so she’s happy, they’re happy, and you’re happy.

You Dirty Dog Premium Men’s Grooming Set: Every bride loves a smooth, stubble-free face, so she’ll love to have you give this premium grooming set to all your dudes. It contains face wash, shaving cream, and aftershave and will help them to start their days feeling fresh.

Pure Sterling Silver Tie Bar: This customizable sterling silver tie bar is guaranteed to give you and your groomsmen a step up in style. It’ll add a touch of class to any suit & tie. She’ll love that y’all are looking good!

Whiskey and How to Enjoy It Kit: A groomsmen gift that is as refined as it is user-friendly. With this kit, your groomsmen can learn how to appreciate whiskey without all the intimidation or mystery that sometimes surrounds this drink. Invite the gents over to have your own tasting at home.

Hey Handsome Shaving Kit Bag: Maybe you wouldn’t necessarily pick this one out for your groomsmen, but you know she’ll think it’s cute. And besides, it’s a practical bag that the guys are sure to use. They can throw in their grooming products and hit the road for the weekend, or use it to stay organized at home. Either way, they’ll love it and she’ll love it.

Custom Collar Stays: Did we mention brides love it when you look sharp? These collar stays are designed to keep your collar stiff and laying nicely against the collar-bone. She’ll love your well-dressed crew.

NFL Leather Coasters: Your groomsmen will love these coasters because they’re made out of the same leather as an official NFL football. Your bride will love these coasters because they’re coasters. Keeping your space looking great with a sporty feel is something everyone can get behind.

Navy Striped Cherry Wood Muddler: This is a very cool addition to anyone’s bar. Your groomsmen will be making home-run cocktails in no time with this muddler in the shape of a baseball bat. Who doesn’t love a mojito now and then?

Whiskey: Wood, Water, Grain Print: When it comes to gift ideas for groomsmen, here’s one we think everyone can appreciate. This is a classy looking, line-drawn print that will jazz up anyone’s walls. It depicts the making of whiskey from grain to barrel and into your glass.

Custom Leather Luggage Tags: The beauty of a great groomsmen gift is that it’s practical, gorgeous, and personal. These custom leather luggage tags, then, are the epitome of a great gift. They look beautiful, with dyed and hand-stamped premium leather as the base for your groomsmen’s own names and addresses. They’re sure to save you time at the airport, as no one could mistake your bag for their own with these bag tags setting it apart.

Personalized Money Clip: An innovative and personal gift that’ll give your groomsmen the relief of carrying only the essentials. It looks suave and you can even have it engraved just for them.

Leather Desk Pad: An organized desk gives peace of mind. This leather desk pad marks a space on your desk reserved for writing or maybe for a laptop. It’s a simple way to add comfort to your workspace and keep it clean.

Bottoms Up Shot Glasses: If you and the guys are taking tequila shots again, it’s the least she can ask to have you taking them from some classy looking shot glasses. Give your groomsmen these stainless steel, sturdy shot glasses and feel good about slammin’ em’ back.