Best Men's Gym Bags

Best Men's Gym Bags: Finding the Right One 

Men's Gym Bags can come in all shapes and sizes.  Most importantly, they can come in a thousand different materials: from synthetic plastics to a natural canvas.  If you're looking for the best men's gym bag out there, you'll want one that's tough, durable, with an aesthetically pleasing exterior.  

What a Gym Bag Needs

To find the best gym bag, know exactly what you'll need it for.  It's a question to determine what size bag you need.  If you're only using it for a change of clothes, a towel, shoes, and a water bottle, you won't need a very large bag.  If you're planning to fit a ball or some extra gear like shin guards, mouth piece etc, you'll want a gym bag with more room and even an extra pocket or two if possible.

Find a Gym Bag that doubles as a Weekender

It is possible to find the goldilocks of gym bags - one that doubles as a weekend getaway bag. Indeed, some men's gym bags can be quite small - smaller than expected.  

A Gym Bag That Won't Fall Apart

If you're looking for a gym bag that's going to last you a long time, invest in a bag made from a strong canvas material that strengthens over time from use.  Most canvas material ages better than any synthetic ever can.  That's because they're designed to absorb tension, it wants to be bruised a bit. An investment you won't regret.  

Gym Bags for a Lifetime

Most importantly, it's best to find a gym bag with a warranty or lifetime guarantee.  Even though you might not need it for a lifetime, someone who makes that kind of guarantee believes in their product.  They know they can offer that guarantee because they don't have to worry about their bags falling apart. And if they do, they either made a manufacturing mistake they're happy to replace or you're one hell of a gym goer.  Either way, don't get stuck buying a new bag every year because the handles weren't leather reinforced or the plastic material tore at the bottom.