7 Stylish Father’s Day Gifts for Under $50

Show your dad you care without breaking the bank. These 7 Father’s Day gifts for under $50 are as stylish as they are thoughtful. Make your dad happy, while keeping your wallet happy, too.

Vintage Porsche Pure Sterling Silver Tie Bar ($35) Add an extra touch of style and class to your dad’s suit with this sterling silver tie bar, diamond engraved with the image of a classic porsche. He’ll look great and will have you to thank.

Mercedes Benz V8 Engine Print (from $35) Here’s a Father’s Day gift that’ll have his walls looking like a million bucks. If he’s a car nerd, this print will satisfy your dad’s curiosity about how it’s made. It’s an intricately labeled image of the legendary W116 Benz engine. You’ll have him staring for hours.

Personalized Brass Luggage Tag ($45) All that glimmers … doesn’t need to cost as much as gold! This solid brass luggage tag has a shiny reflective surface onto which you can have your dad’s name and address engraved. It’s an imposing accessory that’s a great way to set your dad’s bag apart.

Solid Copper Money Clip ($45) Give your dad a Father’s Day gift that’ll have him saying goodbye to his old, clunky wallet and hello to the ease and style that is his new money clip. He’ll love the no-fuss lifestyle.

Stay Sharp Stainless Steel Collar Stays ($29) Now here’s a high-fashion accessory that doesn’t have to have the high-fashion price tag. These collar stays are made from stainless steel and are engraved with the message, “Stay Sharp”. He’ll have that little reminder tucked into his collar all day.

Whiskey and How to Enjoy it Kit ($35) For under $50, you can even buy your dad a bottle of whiskey to go with this kit. He’ll have all the ingredients for a refined night in.

You Dirty Dog Premium Grooming Set ($49.50) This Father’s Day, give your dad a gift that will improve his day, everyday. These grooming products will have him looking forward to shaving. They’re all natural, they smell great, and they’ll leave his face feeling nice and smooth.


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