1. A perfectly sized briefcase for your daily commute.

To make this brief, we used waxed canvas with premium leather accents to offer nice color combinations. It's modern, not bulky and professional-looking. You're going to get nice compliments on this bag. (Maybe from a lady. We have been so fortunate.)

waxed canvas briefcase

2. The men's style writers love our briefcase, and frequently feature them.

As GQ Magazine wrote: "Think the handmade, quality connotations of brands like Filson with the modern sensibilities of a Jack Spade."

Or Gear Patrol: "Boarding Pass designs products that any man would be lucky to count as his own, all made by men and women who know how to craft the old fashioned way - really well."

Or Men's Journal: "...it's priced right. Buy two."

(We're blushing.)

canvas briefcase

3. Ages nicely: Waxed cotton canvas is superior.

We use waxed cotton canvas for the body of our bags, and it makes all the difference. Unlike the crappy polyester bags on the market that make you look space aged (think Targus or Tumi!), we use 100% two-ply cotton, which is tightly woven, heavyweight, and waterproof. (We've sprayed it with a hose, dunked it in a bucket of water, and nothing gets through.)

mens stylish briefcase

4. A solidly made briefcase for long-lasting durability.

Bags fall apart at the stress points, such as where the shoulder strap attaches to the bag (d-rings), or through broken zippers. In the case of our d-rings, we’ve double stitched the leather deep into edge of the bag, so that it can hold the extra weight. Spot a fancy design with custom-made zipper? It’s probably low quality. Zippers and hardware are a part of the bag that’s hard to fix, rendering you bag useless. We use YKK zippers because they are incredibly dependable, consistent in their manufacturing, and in the colors we want.

mens stylish briefcase canvas

5. Our briefcase has that perfect quality versus price balance.

You simply cannot get a better quality briefcase at this price. Priced at $189, it's just simply better quality at a great price and doesn't make you look like an IT helpdesk guy or an astronaut.

mens black briefcase canvas

6. We stand by our briefcases.

Boarding Pass guarantees its craftsmanship. We will repair or replace any briefcase that is damaged. Normal wear and tear, misuse or neglect is not covered by our warranty. We did once replace a bag for a customer whose mother-in-law's dog chewed through the handle after just one day. We like happy customers!

stylish mens brief case