I've received several mousepads already, thanks. Mousepads are not a corporate gift. - Fred 

Looking for a corporate gift for a man?

We've got you covered, if only because we've been the recipients of truly horrible corporate gifts in the past. Our least favorite was a mousepad, emblazoned with the logo of vendor that we used for legal book binding. Ugh. That's horrible. Our favorite was a bottle of Stag's Leap Vineyards wine. Also, totally impractical, because Fred doesn't really drink wine. 

Owen & Fred has got some excellent corporate gifts, and in fact, has a thriving business selling great, USA-made products for men. 

We will discount purchases of $300 or more of a single item, and can ship to multiple destinations. Sometimes, we require a bit of a lead time, but we're eager to please. Get in touch with customer support at support@owenandfred.com or give us a call at 1(886)9OWENFRED.

Personalized or engraved corporate gifts for men

Generally, we can't engrave corporate gifts - but chances are someone local to you can assist (and they will love you for the engraving work.)

Payment for Corporate Gifts

We require payment for bulk orders before the order ships, and you'll receive a detailed order quote before the order is placed. We accept corporate credit cards, and check drawn on a U.S. Bank Account. 

Shipping information:

We will ship your order with FEDEX Ground or FEDEX Express Saver - but can certainly ship it faster if needed for an additional shipping fee (at cost).

Get In Touch About Your Corporate Gift Needs

Do you have more questions about corporate gift ideas for men? Definitely get in touch with customer service by emailing help@owenandfred.com or by calling 1(866)9OWENFRED. Provide as much detail as you can. If you want to talk, we can provide some great corporate gift ideas for men.