Men's Birthday Gift Ideas

Men’s Birthday Gift Ideas

men's birthday gift ideas

If you're looking for a men's birthday gift, you're lucky to have found us, and we're happy to help. - Owen

Wives, girlfriends, sisters, brothers and fathers all head to a gift store, hoping to find a great birthday gift for someone in their life. But it’s a loss. Why? Because finding a men’s birthday gift is tough. And you’re probably doing it last minute. Heck, men will agree, shopping for men is tough. Men are picky, and men want quality. They are awfully specific beasts! And, worse, many of the men’s birthday gifts ideas that you’ve had in the past haven’t been all that interesting. That’s why we dedicated our time to providing you with great men’s birthday gift ideas – that men want and will appreciate.

The best men’s birthday gift idea? Get him something he’ll use.

What are the features of well-designed birthday gifts? The first detail that surprisingly many manufacturers seem to forget is usability. A gift that is useful is one that can actually be used all the time. Not just some of the time, but every single time you use them. Why give a man a regular old shaving kit bag, if it it’s the size of two footballs? Why give him a bottle opener if he’s just going to lose it? It’s surprising how little common sense is applied to products made for men. However, that’s what men love the most: common sense. Products that they need, that make sense to own, and work.

How Owen & Fred dreams up with birthday gift ideas for men

We come up with birthday gift ideas for men by making a list of everything we need, for our day to day. This brainstorm, which we regularly do, has about one hundred ideas on it. Then, we comb through our ideas for products to ask: is this something we really need and want? Is there an existing product that isn’t doing the job? And if not, how can we improve this product to create the coolest birthday gift around.

Below, you’ll find some of our best selling birthday gift ideas, as nominated by magazines like GQ, People Magazine, and Martha Stewart.

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