How to Buy the Best Gym Duffel Bag

How to Buy the Best Gym Duffel Bag

You need a gym duffel bag that’s stylish enough to carry with you throughout your day but functional enough to hold all the gear you need.

You’ll Need Your Gym Duffel Bag to be Sized Right

We recommend investing in a canvas duffle bag that’s a little bigger than the average gym bag because we know that for most guys the gym is their first stop of many in their busy days. We know what it’s like to be running to a million places in a day, you need to carry everything with you in a convenient way. If you need a soccer ball, a pair of cleats, a packed lunch, a change of clothes, and even your laptop, a 30-litre size bag is sure to have you covered. There’s enough room for all your gear without being too bulky to carry on the subway at rush hour.

You’ll Want your Bag to be Stylish

Your gym duffel bag doesn’t need to look like a men’s gym bag. Having a stylish bag affects your look just as much as your jacket. You wouldn’t wear a tracksuit jacket to work, so why carry a polyester gym bag? When you carry a good-looking duffel, in a conservative color, you make sure your bag ups your style and doesn’t take attention away from you. Try to find good quality cotton-canvas duffels in colors that will match your business attire.

Get Durable Materials That Will Stand the Test of Time

You’re going to be throwing this bag around a lot. It’ll be hitting the gym floors, getting shoved into lockers, and getting rifled through court-side. You need a bag that’s going to hold up under the stress. We recommend finding a duffle bag made from durable canvas with Cordura nylon at the base, materials that are sure to withstand daily use. A tightly weaved canvas is water-resistant and is sure to last longer than polyester. A base made from Cordura nylon is an important asset in a bag, it’s twice as resistant to tears and abrasions than comparable fabrics while still being lightweight.

Get a Gym Duffel Bag That Won’t Give You Away

It by no means needs to be a secret that you went to the gym this morning, but you don’t want a look that screams “I WORK OUT!”. It’s also important that your gym bag conceals any olfactory evidence of your workout. To avoid looking too bro-y, we like the look of canvas for the exterior of a duffel. For the interior, a lighter grade Cordura nylon is great because it’s easy to clean and it won’t absorb odors. No one in the office will know that your stylish bag contains a world of stinky gym socks.