7 Graduation Presents for the Beer Lover

If the college grad in your life is a beer lover, we’ve got 7 great graduation presents for him

Whether he’s guzzling beers at a frat party or enjoying a craft ale at his local brew pub, one thing we know about college guys is they share a certain affinity for beer. These graduation presents are sure to please just about any beer lover.

NFL or NBA Leather Coasters: A cool addition to any recent grad’s abode, these coasters are made out of the very same leather as the official NBA basketballs or NFL footballs. They’re great to slam a beer down on while watching the game.

Beer and How to Enjoy it Kit: A no-brainer graduation gift for any guy who’s into beer, this kit includes a solid glass beer mug, a leather coaster, and a cool info book about how beer is made and what makes it taste so good. He can learn a thing or two next time he’s drinking!

You Earned it Bottle Opener: This ain’t just any bottle opener! It’s gorgeous, it’s heavy, it’s solid brass, and it’s got an encouraging message on the side. Yep, he sure did earn it.

Whiskey and How to Enjoy it Kit: Is he looking to expand his drinking repertoire? Give him the tools to do it with this kit. It provides a non-intimidating way to get into the art of sipping whiskey. It includes two eight-ounce tumblers, two leather coasters, and an introductory guidebook to whiskey.

Navy Striped Muddler: For the beer drinker who likes to whip up a cocktail now and then, this muddler is the perfect graduation gift. It’s made from American cherry wood and is crafted into the shape of a mini baseball bat. It’ll have him making home-run mojitos in no time.

Bottoms Up Shot Glasses: These are easily the manliest shot glasses out there. They’re Brooklyn-made, stainless steel, and they pack a punch. College graduation? I’ll drink to that!

Bourbon and How to Enjoy it Kit: Another intriguing spirit to explore, with this kit the recent graduate can check out the world of bourbon, America’s favorite liquor. Just add a bottle and he’ll be all set to have a home-tasting with friends.


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