Introducing the Globe Passport Wallet in Pinot—a helpful tool for the modern traveler.

An essential for the jet set traveler, our passport wallet is crafted with premium full grain leather from Horween, one of the oldest tanneries in the USA. She's a deep burgundy in color—call it Pinot if you will. It features an inner pocket that holds your passport, boarding pass, and customs declaration card. Your wallet is precision machine-stitched with high-abrasion resistant bonded polyester thread. It is guaranteed for life. This passport wallet fits passports that meet the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) ISO/IEC 7810 ID-3 standard size for passports (4.921 inches by 3.465 inches), and was tested with U.S., Canadian, and United Kingdom passports. Please note that like any high-end leather product, the leather may show blemishes and imperfections that add character to this product.

Overheard at LHR: Stamps

Flipping through my passport, I think the most interesting passport stamp is from Palau. They make you sign a pledge to protect the environment. You literally are asked to sign the stamp. I can't imagine the Brits doing something like this. This must be my second time through Heathrow this year. I don't remember the line being this long.

Globe Passport Wallet - Pinot

For world travelers only.


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  • Globe Passport Wallet - Pinot
  • Globe Passport Wallet - Pinot
  • Globe Passport Wallet - Pinot

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