6 Father’s Day Gifts for the Beer Lover

These Father’s Day Gifts Will Make a Great Addition to Any Beer Lover’s Bar

There’s no need to sidestep here, you know what your dad likes. Your dad likes beer. Give him these Father’s Day gifts for the beer lover and amp up the way he imbibes.

Beer and How to Enjoy It Kit: A perfect gift for a guy who’s interested in how beer is made as well as drinking it. This cool kit comes with all the tools to have a beer tasting at home, a solid glass beer mug, a leather coaster, and a handy guidebook to take him through what makes different beers taste the way they do. Next time he’s at the store, he’ll grab a few different beers and find out whether he’s into refined craft ales or if he’s more of a lager guy. Cheers!

Bottoms Up Shot Glasses: These manly shot glasses make a great Father’s Day gift for a dad enjoys a drink at the end of a long day. They’re made of stainless steel and stamped with a 60 ton press to reveal the words Bottoms Up. They’re solid, they look great on a bar, and they’ll have ya slinging back tequila in no time.

NBA Leather Coasters: What’s better to jazz up any bar table than a coaster made from the same leather as an official NBA basketball. They’re a cool conversation piece, especially for when the guys are over watching the game.

Whiskey or Bourbon and How to Enjoy It Kits: You know your dad’s a beer lover, but maybe he’s always been intimidated by the world of refined bourbon or whiskey sipping. These kits are a great place to start learning and he can do it from the comfort of his own home. The kits come with a guidebook that will teach him what makes a good whiskey or bourbon, two glass tumblers and premium leather coasters to put them on. He’ll be all set for a night in of tasting, just add liquor!

Navy Striped Muddler: Expand your dad’s cocktail repertoire with this cool muddler. It’s made from American cherry wood and is crafted to look like a mini baseball bat. It’ll look cool on his bar and is sure to have him churning out some home-run mojitos.

You Earned It Bottle Opener: Look no further for a great Father’s day gift for a beer lover. This is not your average bottle opener. It weighs in at a hefty half-pound of solid brass and is polished to a shine. It feels great in your hands and it’ll make opening that after-work beer even more satisfying.


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