Best Duffel Bags Made in the USA

Best Duffel Bags Made in the USA

 Looking for the best duffel bags made in the USA? Owen & Fred designed and crafted the best duffel bags made in the USA with American manufacturers to ensure our high quality duffel bags are durable, reliable, and, best of all, stylish. 

best-duffel-bags-made-in-the-usaA lot of thought went into our duffel bags to make sure we had the best in the USA. First, we chose materials that not only look and feel great, but are known for their durability. First, for our main material, we chose a No. 8, 18 oz Duck Canvas. Duck canvas is a tighter woven canvas, which makes it more resistant to wear. With a heavy ounce weight as well, your duffel bag becomes more water resistant, guaranteeing what’s placed in your bag stays dry (even on the rainiest days).

For even extra durability on the bottom and inside of the bag, we chose a heavy duty denier nylon. On the exterior, we used 1000 Denier, an extremely strong material. Though we don’t recommend it (because you might look silly), you could easily drag your duffel miles along rough pavement without the bag even so much as flinching!

The interior, made of 420 Denier, is a little softer, better for the clothes and gear you’ll fill your bag with, but still durable and water-resistant as they come. A perfect option for ensuring what goes in your bag, comes out looking exactly the way you expect it to. Along with YKK zippers and leather and nickel accents, it’s obvious why our bag is the best duffel bag in the USA: high quality materials, carefully detailed decisions, and great American manufacturers.

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